Tough-to-Treat Depression?

We believe TMS therapy is the right choice when multiple antidepressants do not provide full relief.  TMS can treat depression successfully.

Insurance Coverage

Medicare and most private commercial insurances have a coverage policy for TMS therapy. We are in-network with most and our team will assist with all paperwork.

Testimonials about TMS

Over 1 million people have been treated with over 25 million TMS treatments. TMS is safe and effective for treating clinical depression.

FDA Cleared in 2008

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)

TMS  is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, the FDA and many international societies as the next treatment choice when medications do not work. North Country Behavioral Medicine provides a process for you or someone you care about to be evaluated for TMS therapy.  Our staff will secure an appointment quickly, will verify benefits, and submit all insurance paperwork. Click the video below to understand more about TMS therapy.

Will your insurance cover TMS therapy?

Most insurance companies, including Medicare, cover TMS therapy for those with depression. In general, each has 3 basic criteria:

  • You need to be diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. Please call us if you do not know your diagnosis or if you have another diagnosis. Often diagnoses overlap as primary and secondary.
  • They want to understand your current condition. If you currently are struggling with moderate or severe depressive symptoms, this meets most insurance criteria. Click here to evaluate your current depressive symptoms.
  • Antidepressant medication trials are often important.  They want to understand your past and current medication trials and what  the clinical outcome.