How Effective are Antidepressants?

As a practicing psychiatrist for over 10 years, I have experienced excellent and frustrating results with medications. These results are consistent with the National Institute for Mental Health sponsored STAR*D clinical study. This definitive study on the treatment of depression in over 4,000 patients showed that only one in three patients reach remission with their first antidepressant drug attempt.  With each successive attempt, the chance of success decreased, and the probability of problems tolerating the drug treatment increased.

You can see by the graph below that drug treatment’s success diminishes with each successive trial, and there is an increased chance in the number and intensity of side-effects.

*Note: As you can see, by the fourth drug trial, the odds of getting to remission were less than 7%.

We have found a Better Option- TMS Therapy

TMS therapy was cleared by the FDA in 2008. We began proving TMS therapy in April of 2018. As The North Country's first TMS provider- we have seen excellent results in patients who have suffered for years with both chronic depression and anxiety.

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